Solving complex program management problems

Reducing risk, maximising benefits

4th Harmonic helps clients win and execute specific projects, programs and industry opportunities. We use a systems approach that combines hard-earned experience with data analysis to design, manage and evaluate the programs that are the key to realising your goals.

Our clients benefit from our experience as industry leaders across:

  • Program Management
  • Data Science & Analysis
  • Industry Development
  • Workforce Training & Development
  • Supply Chain Illumination
  • Facilitation of Collaborative Projects
  • Transfer of Technology
  • Cybersecurity

Our proprietary analytics software, ‘DECADE’, models over 30,000 organisations that form Australia’s defence industry ecosystem. This software integrates data from our partner organisations to provide them with a bespoke insight into Australia’s evolving capability clusters, AIC and SIC, specifically aligned to their program objectives.

These insights give our clients and defence agencies’ situational awareness of their ecosystem, tools to develop AIC plans, and ecosystem engagement strategies to provide a competitive advantage in industrial and commercial relations.

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Four steps to project completion

We look at problems differently

We have the knowledge and experience to understand the best approaches for good teams to capture and deliver ambitious projects and goals.

We create solutions that apply 21st century data analysis and tools to problems in project and program management, workforce development and culture, supply-chain networks, system security and risk governance.

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Lot Fourteen Cyber Security
Department for Innovation and Skills
Boosting Australia’s cybersecurity industry

“The project benefited from the close engagement between Mat and the Department for Innovation and Skills team and the joint commitment to delivering a successful outcome.”

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