4th Harmonic • DECADE

A dynamic model of Australia's industrial / innovation ecosystem

We use data science and analysis to improve complex projects…

At the core of our analysis is a Decentralised Capability Development Network called DECADE. DECADE provides a network model of Australia's distributed industrial and innovation capability and is able to analyse shared capabilities between organisations.

It is a dynamic model of approximately 35,000 organisations, focused on Defence, Infrastructure, Research, Innovation, and Cyber security. We are continually learning about these organisations, and the relationships between them, through our work and data partnerships.

DECADE can be searched to build specific models of a client's critical ecosystem. This model helps leaders to:
  • Assess what is possible in Australia from an innovation/industrial perspective.
  • Measure program impact and risk.
  • Find and engage the best possible interdisciplinary organisations and teams.
  • Consolidate demand, supply, and other ecosystem initiatives to maximise program impact.
  • Design initiatives to improve the capability of industry clusters and sectors.
  • Manage critical ecosystem interfaces e.g. Cyber security.

The DECADE Model...

~35,000 Organisations, filtered by capability, grouped by increasing commercial maturity and type.

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Dräger International
Enhancing Australian Industry Content

“4th Harmonic assisted us to understand Defence’s requirements for classifying Australian Industry Content (AIC) and helped us to prepare a detailed AIC plan including commitments for local industry activity.”

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